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Klick Way was founded by Brian Klick as a professional alternative to cookie cutter workouts, corporate gym trainers, and fad diets. With years of professional training and competition experience, he understands that there is no plan that works for everyone. To reach your best requires an approach made just for you.
Klickway Coaching

each Rep has a purpose

Klick Way coaching modifies each workout according to your progress, diet, and long-term goals. Together we’ll push your limits to the very edge to maximize gains, prevent overtraining/injuries, and minimize recovery time. Your body will thank you and you’ll never look better.

Competition or Lifestyle

Klick Way Coaches are experts at transforming average into amazing. Whether you have dreams of competing at the highest levels or just want to look and feel picture perfect, Brian and the Klick Way team know how to turn your dream body into a reality.
Klickway Coaching

Brian Klick - Lead Trainer

Before completing a single rep, we’ll sit down to discuss your goals and create a personalized program to get you there. From day one, we’ll track your progress to make sure that you’re continually losing fat, gaining muscle, and improving your mental and physical health.


Personal Training

Join us in the gym each week for hands on guidance and training by Brian Klick and our coaching team.

Klickway coaching

Custom Workouts

Klick Way coaching creates custom training programs for each client to maximize gains and fat-loss.


Nutrition Plans

Klick Way provides guidelines for each meal to ensure your body is burning fat and building muscle.



Klick Way has partnered with Total Nutrition to provide all our clients with premium supplements at great prices.